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Apr 18, 2006

by soundrater.blogspot.com

Star Trek: New Voyages - Come What May

With a seemingly simple plot, in which the Enterprise is sent to investigate the distress call from a starbase research colony whose planet has been attacked by an unknown intruder, this first episode still manages to provide a good introduction to the world of Trekkers and fan-produced films.

The planned series, collectively known as Star Trek: New Voyages is intended to continue the "5 year mission" initiated in the TV series, but for which only three years worth were filmed.

Despite the somewhat wooden acting, and almost comical Captain Kirk quiff, "Come What May" is never-the-less a must see film for any serious Trekker, as-well-as being useful viewing for those interested to see what was technologically possible for fan films in January 2004 when this first episode was released.

Unfortunately the link to this episode appears to have been removed and the episode reclassified as a "pilot" episode. Other episodes will however follow…

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