Friday, February 13, 2004

Wine Expert Rating Scale

The type of rating scale that users are going to widely adopt to rate resources on the Internet has been covered by this blog before. We have proposed using a rating range of 0-100, see entry dated 5 November, 2003.

Robert Parker, a wine reviewer, has similarly adopted a 100 points system at eRobertParker.com where there is a "Wine of the Day" entry on his home page showing the type of information he provides. I doubt that he has considered using a rating of zero, to denote that a wine is unrated, as he is not supplying a complete catalogue of wines.

Whilst it is still unclear if a favourite rating scale will emerge on the Internet, it is interesting to see that an active rater/reviewer has independently chosen to use a percentile scale, as has Apple behind the scenes of its iPod 5-star rating system.

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