Thursday, February 05, 2004

Commitment 2.0

So, having played with the consequences of my previous attempt to express what I am committed to achieving with this blog, I am going to have another go! Instead of specifying a deliverable (see entry dated 31 December 2003), which is consistent with a commitment, but does not express it accurately, here is my second attempt.

What I am committed to is the creation of a network, operating over the Internet, which enables the discovery of excellent resources, such as music, by users. This network will maximise the advantages of the Internet to enable system(s) that is/are superior to anything currently available, for example the established record industry, and will fairly reward those contributing to it.

To contribute to such a network I will outline my thinking on this blog, instead of trying to provide the necessary applications myself. This approach will enable me to play to my strengths rather than weaknesses - see SoundRatings.com for an example.

So, see tomorrow for details on how to provide up to 10,000 great songs to a global audience for free...

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