Thursday, September 04, 2003

The Search for an XML Rating Namespace

In order to represent ratings in an RSS feed (which will allow powerful networks of peer ratings to form) an appropriate XML namespace (xmlns:) must be used.

The five ratings options of Excellent, Good, Neutral, Poor and Terrible could be well represented by the numerical range of 1-5, say with 5 being Excellent and 1 being Terrible.

Alf Eaton (a@pmbrowser.info) has been looking at how to represent reviews (xmlns:rvw) and has a rating representation in which the maximum and minimum range can be set along with a representation of the actual rating (n) as follows:


Whilst possibly a little complex, as I do not really want different peers using varying ranges as this could make their ratings incompatible, it is very close to what is required. The relevant documentation should be found at http://purl.org/net/rvw when it is published.

Other leads have been found, but as yet nothing deployed that will represent the relatively simple rating range of 1-5.

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